Genital herpes facts

One of the worst things that anyone could possibly encounter is the incidence of genital herpes. The name itself is enough to strike apprehension and fear in any man's heart, after all who would want to spend his or her days enduring the suffering that one gets "down there" as a result of this sexually transmitted disease. However, it is a fact that only a few people really know the basics on genital herpes, since discussing it is quite a taboo subject.

Basically, genital herpes is a common enough virus infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus or HSV. Both men and women are predisposed to this disease. In men, the most common site of infection is at the end of the penis, the foreskin and the shaft, although they sometimes spread out to the testicles as well. For women, on the other hand, the disease can be found in the vulva and entrance of the vagina. While people seem to think that this affliction can only occur in the person's genitalia, the truth of the matter is that it can also infect the person's anus, buttocks, the top of his thighs and even his mouth, lips or face. These symptoms facial herpes includes cold sores as well.

The thing is that if you find yourself with the disease for the first time ever, you need to expect that your initial infection is severe, since the body has not yet been exposed to such and have not yet developed antibodies that would trigger an immune response. Most people who are infected usually notice the start of the symptoms between the second and twelfth day after exposure to the virus. The duration of the disease is expected to last for at least twenty days and along with the genital sores that appear as painful red spots that progress to clear, fluid-filled blisters and then to whitish-yellow spots. You may also experience fever, some pain and even swollen lymph nodes as well. Another unfortunate effect of genital herpes is pain upon urination, especially in women. What you can do to lessen this is drink more water to dilute your urine and reduce the stinging.

Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual activities, oral or otherwise. This doesn't mean that you need to cease all sexual activities altogether. It simply means that you should be careful and use protection but if you suspect your partner has it, you should have it checked. If the herpes is on the face, kisses are prohibited as well.

A doctor can check for this disease through taking medical histories, a physical examination and taking a swab from the area in question. Laboratory testing would also confirm this. If you do indeed suffer from herpes, you can ease your suffering through salt baths, simple pain relievers and wearing loose cotton underwear, as a supplement to the treatment that the doctor will prescribe for you. You need to remember to follow doctor's orders as closely as possible if you want to get rid of your disease.

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