Sexually Transmitted Disease Facts

Engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse and having multiple partners increases the risk for acquiring STDs or Sexually Transmitted Disease. An unprotected sexual intercourse is when a male is not wearing a condom during intercourse. But even if a condom is used, there is still a slight chance of acquiring STDs. The only proven way to avoid getting infected with STDs is to abstain from sex or by having only just one partner.

There are different symptoms of STDs. Some are more noticeable compared to others. An STD called Chlamydia may be acquired and the symptoms may not be noticed until after several weeks. Since you are already infected, you are very contagious to others. STD tests and exams should be checked regularly if you are sexually active. It may help in diagnosis of the disease and prevent further spread of the disease to others.

A common manifestation of STD is burning pain or sensation while urinating. Abnormal discharge in the vagina or penis may suggest that you are infected by a bacterial organism. A painful red spot or an itchy rash is also suggestive of STD. Small blistering around the mouth is indicative of STD. When a person with a blister around the mouth area and engage into oral sex, herpes may be transmitted. This is just one way of transferring STD even if a condom is worn.

A feeling of being sick, vomiting with nausea, sore throat and headaches are typical symptoms that may be present in STD. This is indicative of the body's immune system is fighting off the infection. STDs like AIDS and HIV are serious, since there still no known cure for them. If you happen to have these symptoms, it would be best to consult a doctor. If left untreated, they can cause serious complications to your health. An antibiotic is usually used to treat STDs and it would only take around a week to complete the treatment. Lysine is a supplement that can help prevent Herpes acquisition. The problem with STD patients is that most of them are shy to consult a doctor. Doctors have treated a lot of similar cases before so don't be afraid or shy to consult your physician.

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